Betty Ramsey
Betty Ramsey
Betty Ramsey, played by Mary Jane Croft in the episode "Lucy Gets Chummy With The Neighbors" in Season 6.
Vital information
Gender: Female
Personal and Family information
Spouse(s): Ralph Ramsey (husband)
Related to: Bruce Ramsey (son)
Character information
Old high school classmate and nemisis of Ethel Mertz
Appeared on: I Love Lucy
Episodes appeared in: 6 in Seasons 5 and 6
Character played by: Mary Jane Croft
I Love Lucy Wiki Script

Betty Ramsey is the next door neighbor of the Ricardos, who appears in six episodes of  I Love Lucy. The part of Betty is played by veteran stage TV series actress Mary Jane Croft, who also appeared on the series as airline passenger Evelyn Bigsby in "Return Home from Europe" (Season #5, episode 26) and as Cynthia Harcourt, a wealthy socialite former high school classmate of Lucy in "Lucy Is Envious" (Season 3, Episode 25).

About BettyEdit

Betty is somewhat of a pretentious snob, friend and neighbor of Lucy. Like Ethel, Betty also grew up in Albuquerque, and apparently knew Ethel when she was a young child. Both she and Ethel attended Albuquerque Elementary. Her maiden name was Foster, and her father, Leslie Foster, belonged to the same lodge as Ethel's father, Will Potter. Betty's family moved away from Albuquerque when she was nine years old. A member of the Westport Country Club, Betty is all about being the best and showing off her money. Also is a member of the Westport Historical Society, she won the Westport "Best Garden" trophy three years in a row for her prize yellow tulips. Married to Ralph Ramsey (played by Frank Nelson) the couple has a son, Bruce. The Ramseys also have a female cat who once had kittens.