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Charmedfanatic Charmedfanatic 4 July 2014

Hello, Everyone!

Hello, everybody, happy 4th of July 2014!

My name is Robert, also known as Charmedfanatic here on Wikia. I founded this wiki back in February 2011, back when I had an obsession with the I Love Lucy show. However, now that it is has been three years later, my obsession has faded quite dramatically (haha). I like to act on impulses and this wiki is a result of that. I really have no intention to move forward with this wiki. I have seen many dedicated and committed Lucy fans editing this wiki over the years and I apologize. There are obviously Wikians that are far more interested in this wiki than I am now. I mean, come on, I basically abandoned this wiki back in June 2011.

The point of this blog is to say that I am no longer going to use or ed…

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