Caroline Appleby
Caroline Appleby
The snobbish Caroline Appleby (Doris Singleton) is sort of a "frenemy" to Lucy. a fellow Fine Arts Leauge Club member and nemisis on "I Love Lucy".
Vital information
Gender: Female
Personal and Family information
Spouse(s): Charlie Appleby (husband)
Related to: Stevie Appleby (son)
Character information
Sort of "frenemy" to Lucy, a snobbish housewife and fellow member, along with Ethel, of the Wednesday Fine Arts League who is married to a local TV station manager that Lucy feels she still must be nice to try to help Ricky get air time on the station
Appeared on: I Love Lucy
Episodes appeared in: 10 episodes from Seasons 3-5
Character played by: Doris Singleton
I Love Lucy Wiki Script

Caroline Appleby is sort of a friend/nemesis of Lucy Ricardo and Ethel Mertz and part of the Women's Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League of which Lucy and Ethel were members. Caroline is the wife of Charlie Appleby, a manager of a local TV station. The part of Caroline was played by actress Doris Singleton. Caroline, whose original name was "Lillian," had her name changed by producers after the character's first appearance.

About CarolineEdit

Sort of a "rival" to Lucy and Ethel, Caroline, who always seemed to try to one up Lucy on the subject concerning whose husband provides better for his family and which one makes life more comfortable for they, the wives, as well. Lucy, always in trying to get discovered, and with the fact that Caroline's husband managed a local TV station and was well acquainted with Ricky, who also sought to get media exposure at times from the local TV stations, feels that she has to be nice to the arrogant Caroline, who always brags about her husband and her young son.

Lucy and Caroline often feel the need to compete with one another, and often try to "one-up" in some way. Caroline is a braggart and a gossip, but she can be a good friend if you treat her well. For instance, it only took an expensive cashmere sweater for her to back Lucy in the women's club presidential election, and she gave Lucy and Ethel a TV spot to sell their salad dressing when promised a profit of three cents off of each jar sold.

In the fourth season her eyesight was so bad, that she was almost blind without her glasses.

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