The Lucy–Desi Comedy Hour episodesEdit

After season six, the series was renamed The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour for its original broadcast run and rather than airing as weekly half hour series, hour long episodes were produced to run occasionally during the year. Thirteen episodes were broadcast as part of the Westinghouse Desilu Playhouse from October 6, 1958, to April 1, 1960. The series was subsequently broadcast in syndication as The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour and We Love Lucy. This show had the same cast as I Love Lucy, employed many of the other same actors, and featured many famous guest stars.

Season 1Edit

# Title Film Date Original airdate
1 Lucy Takes A Cruise To Havana June 28, 1957 November 6, 1957
How did Lucy and Ricky meet? Well that's what Hollywood columnist (and special guest star) Hedda Hopper wants to know. In a flashback to 1940 we find Lucy McGillicuddy and her best friend Susie MacNamara (guest star Ann Sothern whose character makes a crossover appearance from her CBS show Private Secretary) cruising Havana, where they encounter two tour guides, Ricky Ricardo and his pal, Carlos Garcia (guest star Cesar Romero). Plenty of Havana high-jinks soon ensue, with second honeymooners Fred and Ethel Mertz and popular crooner Rudy Vallee (as himself) along for the wild ride!

Note: This was originally shown as a 75 minute episode. All future repeats were edited to an hour's length, with the original opening and closing sequences (featuring Hedda Hopper) deleted, replaced by Desi's brief narration at the beginning and end.

2 The Celebrity Next Door September 27, 1957 December 3, 1957
Who's the new resident moving into the house next to the Ricardos? None other than stage and screen star Tallulah Bankhead! Once Lucy discovers that a celebrity is in her midst, she tries to win her friendship by inviting her to an elegant dinner party—with Fred and Ethel Mertz posing as hired help. Before long Lucy has gotten Ms. Bankhead and the entire gang involved with a local PTA show.
3 Lucy Hunts Uranium or MacMurray Haver November 15, 1957 (Studio Portions) January 3, 1958
Ricky and his band have been booked to play at the Sands Casino in Las Vegas, and Lucy hopes the trip will allow her an opportunity to go uranium hunting. Fred and Ethel are keen on the idea but Ricky forbids it, until mysterious headlines put the entire town in a uranium uproar. Soon the Ricardos, the Mertzes, and (special guest) actor Fred MacMurray set out together to strike it rich. (Also appearing in this show is MacMurray's wife, June Haver.)
4 Lucy Wins a Race Horse Unknown February 3, 1958
Lucy wins a race horse for Little Ricky. In order to keep the horse, Lucy enters the horse in a race at Roosevelt Raceway with the help of Betty GrableHarry James, Betty's husband, also guest stars.
5 Lucy Goes To Sun Valley February 1958 April 14, 1958
Lucy and Ethel go to Sun Valley without Ricky and Fred. While in Sun Valley, the girls meet Fernando Lamas.

Season 2Edit

# Title Film Date Original airdate
1 Lucy Goes To Mexico June 16, 1958 (Completed) October 6, 1958
Lucy and the gang go with Ricky to Mexico, where he is scheduled to appear in a show with Maurice Chevalier. Meanwhile, Lucy just happens to find herself in a bullfight.
2 Lucy Makes Room For Danny September 19, 1958 December 1, 1958
The Williams family from The Danny Thomas Show (Danny ThomasMarjorie LordRusty Hamer and Angela Cartwright) rent Lucy's and Ricky's house because Lucy and Ricky are going to Hollywood. When the Hollywood trip is cancelled, Lucy has to 'Make Room For Danny.' Gale Gordon also guest stars as a civil court judge who is forced to clean up the mess resulting from a snowball fight between the two families.
3 Lucy Goes To Alaska December 19, 1958 (Completed) February 9, 1959
The Ricardos and Merztes go to Alaska, where Lucy does a show with Red Skelton. Lucy repeatedly falls out of a hammock in their overcrowded bedroom, and panics while flying a small bush airplane with Red.
4 Lucy Wants A Career March 6, 1959 (Copyrighted) April 13, 1959
Lucy does not want to be a housewife any longer and appears on Paul Douglas' "Early Bird Show" as his "Girl Friday."

Note: This episode mirrored life for the Arnazes in the 1940s, as Lucy would meet Desi at the train station as she was leaving for work at a movie studio, while Desi would be headed home after working at a nightclub.

5 Lucy's Summer Vacation May 5, 1959 (Copyrighted) June 8, 1959
Lucy and Ricky go on a vacation and end up sharing their cabin with Howard Duff and Ida Lupino.

Season 3Edit

# Title Film Date Original airdate
1 Milton Berle Hides Out at The Ricardos June 1959 September 25, 1959
Lucy tries to let Milton Berle work on his book in peace while he's at the Ricardos' house.
2 The Ricardos Go To Japan September 1959 November 27, 1959
Lucy wants real pearls while in TokyoJapan, and finds herself dressing up as a geisha to see that she gets them. Bob Cummings guest stars.
3 Lucy Meets The Mustache March 2, 1960 (Completed) April 1, 1960
Ricky is depressed because he has not been getting any TV offers lately, so Lucy, Fred, and Ethel try to cheer him up. Ernie Kovacs and his wife Edie Adams guest star.

·Note this is the final episode of the show because of the separation between Ball and Arnaz, rumors explain that other episodes were planned to be filmed.