"Lucy Writes a Play"
Season 1, Episode 17
#17 in Series
Lucy Writes a Play
Network: CBS-TV
Air date: February 4, 1952
Written by: Bob Carroll Jr.
Madelyn Davis
Jess Oppenheimer
Directed by: Marc Daniels
Production code: 1-17 / 017
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Lucy Fakes Illness Breaking the Lease

Lucy Writes a Play is the seventeenth episode of the first season of I Love Lucy, also the 17th overall in the series. Directed by Marc Daniels, it first aired on CBS-TV on February 4, 1952.


Lucy pens a drama with a Cuban locale. She figures Ricky for the star. He refuses the part. So she changes her play from Cuba to England and has Fred take Ricky's spot. However, Ricky has decided to surprise Lucy and appear in the play, but the only problem is he has the wrong script.


Guest StarringEdit

  • Myra Marsh as Club Chairwoman
  • Maury Thompson as Stage Manager