Marion Strong
Shirley Mitchell Marion Strong
Shirley Mitchell as Lucy's friend Marion. She replaced Margie Liszt, who originated the Marion Strong character, after Marion's first appearnce on "I Love Lucy". Marion appears in 4 episodes in total.
Vital information
Gender: Female
Personal and Family information
Related to: Bill Strong (husband)
Character information
Friend of Lucy and Ethel and fellow member of the Wednesday Fine Arts Leauge with the girls, who was a cackling laugh
Appeared on: I Love Lucy
Episodes appeared in: 4 episodes in Seasons 2 and 3
Character played by: Margie Liszt/Shirley Mitchell
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Marion Strong is a friend of Lucy and a fellow member of the Women's Fine Arts Leauge, of which Lucy and Ethel were members of on I Love Lucy. Marion is also the wife of Bill Strong, who was head of the lodge Ricky and Fred were a part of. The part of Marion was played by actress Shirley Mitchell in three the four episodes Marion appeared. The Marion character was originated by character actress Margie Liszt in the character's first episode appearance.

About MarionEdit

Marion, who serves as Vice president of the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League, is a real card! She has dreadfully horrible taste in headwear, she "always tries to pretend she's somebody", at least according to Caroline Appleby (Doris Singleton), and she has a cackling laugh that sounds like a hen! Her husband, Bill usually lets the Wednesday Afternoon Fine Arts League that the ladies' club participates in use his lodge hall for their club dance. Once an aspiring actress in her early days, now her crowning achievement as an actress was being Mistress of Ceremonies for the Senior Shenanigans at the Rappahanock School for Girls. She serves as the women's club's vice-president, and she enjoys playing bridge with Lucy, Ethel, and Carolyn.

You might remember her from the episode were Lucy bets she can go 24 hours (?) without telling a lie and has to tell Marion how awful her hat looks. She also had a very...unique laugh. The episode was hilarious. At one point Lucy had to be truthful and say something she kept to herself for years. Lucy to Marion, “Marion, stop cackling. I’ve been waiting 10 years for you to lay that egg!”  

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