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Mrs. McGillicuddy
Mrs. McGillicuddy
Vital information
Gender: Female
Personal and Family information
Retired homemaker and housewife
Related to: Lucy Ricardo (daughter)
Ricky Ricardo (son in-law)
Ricky Ricardo, Jr. (grandson)
Mr. McGillicuddy (husband, not seen on either series)
Hometown Jamestown, New York
Character information
Lucy's very dimwitted, scatterbrained, but still loving mother, who often babysits Little Ricky for Lucy and Ricky
Appeared on: I Love Lucy/ The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour
First seen: California, Here We Come!
Character played by: Kathryn Card
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Mrs. McGillicuddy (her first name is unmentioned on the series) is Lucy Ricardo's very dimwitted, scatterbrained, but still loving mother on I Love Lucy. The part of Mrs. McGillicuddy is played by veteran character actress Kathryn Card.

About Lucy's mother[]

Lucy's mother is a very very dimwitted and scatterbrained, can cause friction between her and her daughter Lucy when she insists on being included in any events the Ricardos and Mertzes plan with each other. She calls her son-in-law "Mickey" instead of "Ricky", never bothering to learn his name! She and Ricky don't get along.

She has caused son-in-law Ricky very much stress at times, in the forms of wanting to go along to California with he and Lucy and Fred and Ethel, as evidenced in the episode "California, Here We Come"' (Season 4, episode #13), all of a sudden, sending Tennessee Ernie Ford to stay with the Ricardos as she did in "Tennessee Ernie Visits" (Season 3, episode #27), and not properly informing Ricky of an important chance to play at the Roxy.

One redeeming quality she has is that she is a really doting grandma, and takes good care of Little Ricky when she babysits for the Ricardos. She ended up taking care of her grandson while the Ricardos and Mertzes drove to Hollywood; she couldn't go on the long road trip, because she gets carsick! She flew out with Little Ricky shortly after the gang arrived in California, and she was a guaranteed babysitter whenever Lucy wanted to go hunt celebrities. Similarly, she continued being babysitter for Little Ricky when the Ricardos visited Europe in 1956 and when they went to Japan in 1959.

Mrs. McGillicuddy took a poorly planned car trip through New England with her friends in 1955. None of the women planned a trip itinerary or had any idea where they were headed, so they chose to flip a coin at intersections to decide which way to go. It is unknown how Mrs. McGillicuddy survived this car trip with how easily she becomes carsick.

Mrs. McGillicuddy, like her daughter, is very involved in her woman's club. In 1954, she was the chairman of her club's bazaar. She is a diehard Rudolph Valentino fan, and her favorite Valentino film was The Sheik. Mrs. McGillicuddy loves Valentino so much that, when she was out in Hollywood with her daughter, she couldn't wait to go see the house where Valentino lived. She also is a fan of Ramon Novarro and Francis X. Bushman, but they can't compare to Valentino! She also has a passion for writing. She wanted to take her book's manuscript (about the story of her family) out to California to try and get it published. Her ancestry is Scottish, and her relatives dwell from Kildoonan, a town in Northern Scotland that is between Golspie and Ullapool.