Mrs. Ricardo
Ricky's Mother
Mary Emery as Mrs. Ricardo, Ricky's mother, on I Love Lucy'
Vital information
Gender: Female
Birthname: Not revealed on series
Personal and Family information
Birthplace: West Havana, Cub
Spouse(s): Mr. Ricardo (Ricky's father)
Related to: Ricky Ricardo, Jr. (grandson)
Ricky Ricardo (son)
Lucy Ricardo (daughter in-law)
Character information
Manages along with Lucy, her daughter in-law, over the language barrier between them with the help of Ricky upon their first meeting
Appeared on: I Love Lucy
Episodes appeared in: "Lucy's Mother-In-Law" (Season 4)
and "The Ricardos Visit Cuba" (Season 6)
Character played by: Mary Emery
I Love Lucy Wiki Script

Mrs. Ricardo is Lucy's mother in-law and Ricky's mother on I Love Lucy. The part of Mrs. Ricardo was played by actress Mary Emery.

About Ricky's motherEdit

Mrs. Ricardo, who was once a great singer and dancer. loves Ricky very much and took good care

of him growing up with his siblings. She chose to stay behind in Cuba when Ricky emigrated to the United States, and she must have gone a very long time without seeing her son, because, not only does Ricky not go back to Cuba until 1957, during I Love Lucy's final season, his mother only meets Ricky's future wife, Lucy, for the first time almost 14 years after her son got married!

Mrs. Ricardo dotes lovingly on her son, but initially, upon her and Lucy's first meeting encounter some bit of friction due to the language barrier; in spite of the fact that she does not speak English, and her daughter in law Lucy knows little Spanish, with the help of Ricky acting as an interpreter, they finally manage to build a relationship!

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