"" episode
"Pioneer Women"
Season 1, Episode #25
#25 in Series
Air date: March 31, 1952
Written by: Bob Carroll Jr.
Madelyn Davis
Jess Oppenheimer
Directed by: Marc Daniels
Production code: 1-25 / 025
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Pioneer Women is the twenty-fifth episode of the first season of I Love Lucy, also the 25th overall in the series. It first aired on March 31, 1952 on CBS-TV and it was directed by Marc Daniels.


The Mertzes and the Ricardos bet they can live the same pioneer existence as their ancestors. This episode contains the classic moment when Lucy's loaf of bread explodes from the oven.

Plot SummaryEdit

After a failed attempt in asking their husbands to buy them dishwashers, Ricky and Fred can't believe how "pampered" their wives are. They think women have it easy in their day and age, and that Lucy and Ethel couldn't survive living at the turn of the century like their grandmothers. The wives don't think Ricky and Fred could survive, either, so the wives bet that they can last longer than their husbands. After a few days of living as if they were in the 1900s, during which time Lucy and Ethel bake an enormous loaf of bread, the girls get a surprise inspection from Mrs. Pomerantz and Mrs. Pettibone from the Society Matron's League. The haughty Matron's women look down on Lucy and Ethel for dressing in Gay '90s garb. Once her dream to join the League, Lucy tells off the snobs, saying that, after seeing the way they acted just now, she and Ethel have no desire to join the "phony-bologna club." The snobs leave, the gang all cheer for Lucy, and they celebrate by eating a slice of the monster bread loaf.


Guest StarringEdit

  • Florence Bates as Mrs. Pettebone
  • Ruth Perrott as Mrs. Pomerantz