Ralph Ramsey
Ralph Ramsey
Ralph Ramsey, in a scene with Ricky from "I Love Lucy".
Vital information
Gender: Male
Personal and Family information
Advertising agent and member of the Burton, Warshman, and Ramsey agency
Spouse(s): Betty Ramsey (wife)
Related to: Bruce Ramsey (son)
Character information
Winds up setting up a television job for Ricky in Season 6; hates his wife's fancy perfume!
Appeared on: I Love Lucy
Episodes appeared in: 6 in Seasons 5 and 6
Character played by: Frank Nelson
I Love Lucy Wiki Script

Ralph Ramsey is the husband of Betty Ramsey, an old higs school classmate of Ethel Mertz on I Love Lucy. The part of Ralph was played by character actor/voice artist Frank Nelson in seven episodes from Seasons 3-6.

About FrankEdit

Ralph Ramsey is a title member of the Burton, Warshman, and Ramsey agency, which is either a TV or an advertising agency, and he makes a very good salary. He is married to Betty, and they have one son, Bruce. The Ramseys also have a female cat who once had kittens. Ralph is also a member of the Westport Country Club, and he was the one to propose the Ricardos' name for potential membership after they moved to Westport. (It is unknown if the Ricardos end up becoming country club members.) Ralph admits, though, that he only joined the country club on so that he could play golf. Also, he hates the smell of Betty's exotic perfume, and he helps get Ricky a $3500 television gig that helps to pay for the Ricardos' new country furniture.

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