"" episode
"Ricky Thinks He Is Getting Bald"
Season 1, Episode #34
#34 in Series
Ricky Thinks He Is Getting Bald
Air date: June 2, 1952
Written by: Bob Carroll Jr.
Madelyn Davis
Jess Oppenheimer
Directed by: Marc Daniels
Production code: 1-34 / 034
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"Lucy's Schedule" "Ricky asks for a Raise"
(Season 1 finale)

Ricky Thinks He Is Getting Bald was the 34th overall episode of I Love Lucy, which first aired on CBS-TV on June 2, 1952, during the show's first season. It was directed by Marc Daniels.

Plot SummaryEdit

After a harmless comment from Lucy about growing older, Ricky becomes paranoid that he's going bald. Lucy tries her best to snap Ricky out of this fear. First, she goes to a shop to buy anti-bald treatments that "hurt the most and smell the worst." But she just can't bring herself to subject Ricky to that kind of torture if she doesn't have to. So, her next plan is to have a "bald party," where she hopes seeing actual bald men will make Ricky realize how much hair he has.

The bald party might have been a success, had Ricky actually attended. But he called Lucy from the club to say he had to work late shortly after the bald guests arrived. Lucy is desperate, so she turns to the Lucy Ricardo Torture Treatment, where Ricky's scalp suffers through icky goos and odd machines. Satisfied with how ridiculous the torture treatment was, Lucy smugly says how Ricky will have to go through this routine every other night for six months. To her surprise, Ricky says that he thinks they should do the treatment EVERY night, so his hair can grow in even faster

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